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We love Christ's Church! Our goal is to help you find the right church chairs for your sanctuary... While saving your church money.

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Comfortek: Quality Church Chairs

Church Chairs from Comfortek Seating are comfortable, affordable, and come with a 25-year warranty. The low price and high quality of church chairs from Comfortek Seating make them our #1 recommended chair. To view our complete line of Comfortek Church Worship Seating, click here.


Uniflex: Premium Church Chairs

If your church is looking for the best quality church chairs then the Apex and Meridian Church Chairs from Uniflex are a great choice. Call us today at 419-469-6411 to discuss the fabric color and other options you would like for your Uniflex Church Chair and click here to view our Uniflex Church Chair selection.


Hercules: Budget Church Chairs

When the bottom line is price, it's hard to beat the Hercules church chair. The Hercules Church Chair is manufactured with cost in mind and because of this churches can often afford to fill there sanctuary with Hercules Church Chairs when they may be over budget with a more costly chair. To browse through our selection of Hercules Church Chairs, click here.


Greystone: Fixed Sanctuary Seating

In some environments a standard Church Chair or Church Pew Chair is not the ideal option. If your church is interested in fixed auditorium-style seats then we recommend the quality "Harmony Elite" church chair from Greystone Seating. If you're interested in learning more about our special low pricing on Greystone theatre seating for your church, please contact us at 419-469-6411 to discuss your need.